• 14 Apr 2021 12:48 PM | Anonymous

    Regina, along with her husband, Paul, has been a resident of Piedmont Heights for nearly nine years. Here are a few questions we asked Regina to get to know her better.

    Where do you hope most to visit when the pandemic is over?

    Any island sounds amazing right now to just relax at a pool next to the beach and go scuba diving. Or maybe Puerto Vallarta, a place we love to visit.

    In the meantime, what does an ideal day in Piedmont Heights look like for you?

    I’d start the day with breakfast at home, then head over to Ansley Mall for some shopping, get my nails done, and then have lunch at Bantam & Biddy. Next, I’d stroll to Piedmont Park and the Botanical Gardens. After resting at home for a bit, I’d head over for drinks at the rooftop at Grana and then have dinner there. To end the evening, I’d share a little time at a neighbor’s house.

    What are your other favorite restaurants or stores?

    Our favorite restaurant is Grindhouse Burgers. For shopping I enjoy Richard’s Variety Shop and, of course, Publix.

    What was your first job?

    I was a telemarketer for a dating service. This was before they had the websites and apps.

    What's your favorite word?

    Hope. It is a word I’ve learned to cherish from my brother who passed nine years ago.

    For what are you most grateful for today?

    My health. And the support, guidance, and love of my husband and our fur babies, family, friends, and business partners.

    Thanks to Piedmont Heights Resident Helen Kacur for volunteering to interview Jim and write this Resident Spotlight!

  • 31 Mar 2021 1:18 PM | Anonymous

    Thanks to Debra Gibson-Welch for taking these photos during production of The First Ladies, a new Showtime TV series.

    The scenes at RSPC will portray First Lady Betty Ford, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, attending the funeral of Martin Luther King, Jr. The series will also feature Viola Davis as First Lady Michelle Obama.

    More on the show on IndieWire.com.

  • 23 Mar 2021 1:41 PM | Anonymous

    Need something fun for the kids? Check out the upcoming kids camps at Play Kefi in Buckhead!


    Spring Break (April 5-9)

    Half day camps for Kefi members and guests ages 3-12. For more information about Jurassic Journey camp for kids 3-6, visit here. For more information about Wizarding World camp for kids 7-12, visit here. To inquire about membership, visit here.

    Break Into Business (June 7-11 and June 14-18)

    Afternoon camp for ages 9-14 (open to non-members). Kids will join a small cohort of entrepreneurs for 5 sessions with business coaches. We’ll cover People, Product, Profit, Promotion, and Pitch. Learn more about Break Into Business at Kefi here. 

    Summer Camps (June 14-18, June 21-25, July 12-16 and July 26-30)

    Half day camps for Kefi members and guests ages 3-12. Kids will be divided into groups by age.

  • 18 Mar 2021 3:46 PM | Anonymous

    UPDATE - Congrats to our Bracket Challenge Winners!

    • Men's Tournament
      • 1st place - David from Rock Springs Lane
      • 2nd place - Kelly from Rock Springs Lane
      • 3rd place - Sam from Monroe Dr.
    • Women's Tournament
      • 1st place - Charles from Pelham
      • 2nd place - Jeff from Pelham
      • 3rd place - Meg from Flagler

    We can't wait for next year's bracket challenges!

    Original: Now's your chance to enjoy a friendly NCAA March Madness bracket challenge and maybe win a PiHi T-shirt at the same time!

    Enter our men's and women's March Madness bracket challenges for your chance to win. You must live in Piedmont Heights. Limited to two brackets per tournament.

    Men's Tournament - deadline to enter is Friday, March 19, at 12:15pm

    Women's Tournament - deadline to enter is Sunday, March 21, at noon

  • 15 Mar 2021 11:11 AM | Anonymous

    It's time to turn the lights out for Georgia's migrating birds. Migration is already ramping up, and over the coming weeks we will have increasingly large groups of migratory birds passing over the state as they make their way to breeding grounds farther north. You can help prevent unnecessary bird deaths by turning the lights out between the peak hours of midnight and 6:00 AM from March 15 to May 15.

    You can also sign the Georgia Audubon Lights Out Georgia Pledge to help make Georgia more bird-friendly.

  • 09 Mar 2021 11:26 AM | Anonymous

    The new website - https://myvaccinegeorgia.com/ - will help you make your appointment if you are eligible for your COVID-19 vaccine, and it will keep you informed as new categories are added for eligibility. Sign up to stay updated and so that you can make your appointment once you are eligible. 

    Learn more from this great article on GPB:

  • 09 Mar 2021 11:13 AM | Anonymous

    Council of Intown Neighborhoods and Schools (CINS) Advocacy Update: Capacity Solutions

    Coming up March 22 @ 5:30 pm - GRADY CLUSTER COMMUNITY CONVERSATION, hosted by APS. Register Online.

    Long-term solutions for the Grady Cluster: Considering preferences, concerns and big ideas from the community

    On February 11, CINS representatives presented to the Grady Cluster Advisory Team (CAT) the results of the Grady Cluster Schools Capacity Solutions Survey, which was administered by CINS in 2020. The survey looks ahead to 2022 when Samuel M. Inman School is empty* and asks respondents how they think the campus could best be utilized to address overcrowding in the Grady Cluster. Notable among the survey responses were strong preferences for 1) maintaining the current attendance zones for elementary schools, and 2) addressing overcrowding at the high school level by relocating the 9th grade from the high school campus through either of two scenarios outlined below.

    While respondents’ desire to retain the current elementary school attendance zones is not surprising, their strong preference to consider variations on the current configurations for elementary (grades K-5), middle (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12), as well as the K-8 charter model, indicates a desire to explore creative solutions that would resolve high school crowding while keeping the cluster intact. During the CAT meeting, school representatives listened carefully to the survey presentation but immediately identified numerous hurdles to modifying the current configuration, among them scheduling and staffing, certifications, class credits, sports and clubs.

    Where CINS stands

    In the important work of finding a long-term solution to the capacity challenges the Grady Cluster has faced for many years, CINS has two objectives. The first is ensuring that school and district leadership carefully weigh community preferences, concerns and even big ideas when making decisions of this magnitude. The second objective is ensuring that any solution adopted to address overcrowding includes the high school level; anything less is simply not a solution.

    The community survey was a good first step, but the disconnect it exposes between the community and cluster and district leadership highlights the need for further discussion between Grady Cluster families, the Grady CAT and APS, as well as greater transparency regarding the process and timeline for decision-making.

    In making its decision, APS should consider both parents’ and administrators’ preferences and concerns, but it should also commission an independent, third-party study on projected population growth and optimal grade level configuration to accommodate long-term demand in the cluster. A study would provide an objective set of factors that APS and Grady Cluster stakeholders could then weigh in working collaboratively to identify the best use of the Inman campus.

    A closer look at the survey

    The survey ran from February 20 to March 15, 2020, and asked about:

    • Perceptions of strengths and areas of concern in each Grady Cluster school
    • Ranking of primary goals to address capacity and growth in the Grady Cluster
    • Ranking of ideas that have been proposed to address capacity and growth within the Grady Cluster
    • Concerns about redistricting
    • Concerns about rezoning

    Survey respondents were presented with APS’s capacity and growth forecasts made in February 2020, which projected overcrowding in several elementary schools and the high school.

    1,083 families responded to the survey; 95% live in the Grady cluster and 63% have at least one child in a Grady cluster school.

    Key results

    In response to the question, “What should be the primary goal(s) to address capacity growth in the Grady Cluster?”

    • 45% of respondents ranked “Ensuring elementary schools are neighborhood schools” as first or second priority
    • 37% of respondents ranked “Keeping all current schools in the Grady Cluster” as first or second priority
    • 28% ranked “Providing equal opportunity to all students in the Grady Cluster” as first or second priority

    When asked to rank proposed solutions to address over-crowding:

    • 63% of respondents ranked as first or second choice: “Elementary Schools: K - 4th; Inman: 5th - 6th academy, Howard: 7th - 9th school; Grady: 10th - 12th”
    • 54% ranked as first or second choice “Elementary schools: K - 4th; Howard Middle: 5th - 7th; Inman Junior High: 8th - 9th; Grady High: 10th - 12th”
    • 35% ranked as first or second choice “Elementary Schools: K - 3rd; Inman: 4th/5th academy; Howard: 6th - 8th school; Grady: 9th - 12th”

    In response to the question, “How concerned would you be if APS elects to REDISTRICT your elementary school?” 86% indicated they were concerned or very concerned. ("Redistrict" = move to another cluster)

    How concerned would you be if APS elects to REZONE your neighborhood to a different elementary school either within or outside the Grady Cluster? 84% indicated they were concerned or very concerned. ("Rezone" = move to another school)

    Additionally, 53% selected “Decline in the quality of schools/education” as their primary concern regarding a redistricting or rezoning decision.

    The full CAT presentation can be found here.

    *Inman is the temporary home of Morningside Elementary while the Morningside campus undergoes extensive renovation.

  • 03 Mar 2021 4:11 PM | Anonymous

    Thanks to our Atlanta Police Department liaisons who attended our PHCA Monthly Board Meeting in March! We're pleased to share several updates with our residents in Piedmont Heights. 

    • Clean Car Campaign: Don't leave weapons (or other valuables) in your car. Already in 2021, more than 100 weapons have been stolen from vehicles in Zones 2 & 6 (where Piedmont Heights is located). 

    • Unfortunately, more criminal activity is expected during NBA All-Star weekend. APD is ramping up with 12-hour shifts, fewer officers off-duty or taking time off, and will be increasing patrols in hotspot areas, including the Piedmont/Cheshire Bridge corridor

    • Extra personnel will also be assisting the APD License & Permit Unit to conduct inspections as well as to enforce occupancy thresholds. 

    • Take APD's Police Reform Community Survey. Let your voice be heard. 
    • If you see something, say something. 911 is just a phone call away!

    • Contact PHCA Safety Committee & Security Patrol (for Members only) via our online form.

    • Please note several upcoming VIRTUAL events:
  • 25 Feb 2021 1:28 PM | Anonymous

    Nakato Japanese Restaurant is eligible for a special grant – "Backing Historic Small Restaurants" to help with their exterior and online presence.

    This program is presented by American Express, in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

    Nominate Nakato by the March 9 grant deadline!

  • 25 Feb 2021 1:24 PM | Anonymous

    Congratulations to Rod Smith, the new head of the Atlanta Fire Rescue Department! He and his family live right here in Piedmont Heights, and he's been with the fire department for more than 24 years. 

    With the help of his wife, Dawn, and several friends, his neighbors surprised Rod with an outdoor celebration to commemorate the occasion! Thank you for your service, Chief Smith!

    Read all about it on the AJC or 11Alive.

    More celebration pictures coming soon!

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